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  • Marketing development and distribution

    Customers & products allocation

    ASK had invested of over RMB 1.4 billion over the years with current capacity of 4.5 million square meter per year. With mindset of “local order, Asia manufacture, global service”, combine our professional teams of manufacturing, marketing and management to provide our partner around the world with high quality products and excellent service. ASK position to become a dazzling star to Sino-industry.

    ASK will take full advantage of its strong financial advantages, efforts to enhance the process technology development, plant and equipment improvement, human resources training and development, establish a full sense of quality and strengthen market responsiveness, under " Fair, team work, innovation, detail oriented" philosophy guidance, with all the suppliers and customers partners to create a high-precision electronic market a better future.

    Global business

    As an important supplier to the automotive industry, ASK provides medium to high volume to automotive electronics manufacturers with standardize and high-reliability PCB from NPI to mass production, from standard rigid board to HDI and high frequency material board. Current product applications ranging from body control, lighting systems, driver assistance, collision avoidance, radar systems and infotainment systems.



    Heavy copper up to 6oz (400μm)

    High frequency material


    Impedance control


    We emphasize the importance of quality and reliability. The plants are industry-leading in quality control and adhere to rigorous monitoring processes, all the plants are ISO / TS16949 certified.

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